Gambit by Barnaby Bagenda


The Ancient One by Mark Englert / Blog / Store

12” X 24”, 5 colour screen print with a metallic ink layer. The S/N run size will match Mark’s previous print, "it’s a dinosaur" and will go on sale from Wednesday 6th March 2013 10am PST, HERE.


Ryan Hurst


The Crow #6 painted cover by Kent Williams.


Time, by lim
Bucky fanvid


Stay Puft by Dave Perillo / Blog

12” X 18” 3 color screen print, S/N edition of 84. Part of the Product Placement art show at Gallery1988 / Tumblr.


Silent Hills - Reveal Trailer Starring Norman Reedus 

You see, the reasons - which are very important - are the causes behind this. That’s because there are things that make it so we can’t do this, like reasons. As we said, the reasons, are very important. It’s almost like there are obstacles ahead of us, which there aren’t, but it’s AS IF there are. So we can’t do it, because of the important reasons and the obstacles, which are imaginary, but scary like dreams.

—Anyone from Marvel (ever) on why they aren’t making a film starring a female superhero (ever). (via westerlingss)


Wreck-It Ralph - Concept Art